Concrete Sealers


Chemmasters Safe Cure and Seal EPX

Description: Safe-Cure & Seal EPX is a V.O.C. Compliant, water based epoxy, curing and sealing compound for horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces. It is suitable for use as an epoxy primer or coating for cured concrete. For exterior applications, a special ultraviolet (UV) resistant formulation is available upon request.

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Chemmasters Duraguard 310 CRU Urethane

Description: Duraguard 310 CRU is a two component, aliphatic polyurethane coating. It may be used as a topcoat over epoxy and epoxy novalac systems to improve chemical and ultraviolet light resistance.

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Poly-Carb Mark 124 Epoxy

Description: Mark 124 is a two-component epoxy penetrating waterproofing sealer designed to provide long-term protection to concrete surfaces against freeze-thaw cycles, chloride ion penetration and traffic.

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Poly-Carb Mark 73 Ultrakote

Description: Mark 73 Ultrakote is a two-component urethane coating designed with hig performance, high gloss, and long life for use under demanding environments on non-traffic bearing surfaces.

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Non-Epoxy Sealer

BASF Enviroseal 40

Description: EnvirosealĀ® 40 is a clear, water-based, 40% penetrating sealer. It provides long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw cycles, and chloride intrusion. It is ideal for traffic-bearing surfaces.

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High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM)

Chemmasters Duraguard 401

Description: Duraguard 401 is a 3 component, low viscosity, solvent free, high molecular weight methacrylate penetrating sealer and crack healer. Duraguard 401 may be used as a gravity feed resin or as a specialized crack injection product.

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SRS (Soluble Reactive Silicate)

Chemtec International Chemtec One

Description: High Performance Water Based Non-Toxic Chemical Treatment that hardens, strengthens, stabilizes, protects, increases the mass & density and extends the useful life of concrete structures.

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