Curing Compounds

Clear Cure

WR Meadows Sealtight 1325

Description:1325-CLEAR Water-Base, Wax-Base Concrete Curing Compound is an excellent cure for interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. When properly applied, it provides an impermeable film which optimizes water retention. 1325-CLEAR appears white in color when wet, but dries clear. It is also available with a red fugitive dye to visually aid application coverage.

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White Cure

 WR Meadows Sealtight 1625

Description: The 1625-WHITE series of water-based, white-pigmented concrete curing compounds are wax-based dispersions with selected white pigments. When properly applied, 1625-WHITE forms a premium-grade membrane, which optimizes water retention. The white pigment reflects the sun’s rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup.

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